Beverly Hills

Art becomes habitat at Gardenhouse, where the echoes of timeless Beverly Hills allure are amplified with global design influence and vibrant greenery.

MAD Architects

Interior Design
Rottet Studios


The Neighborhood

Before the eras of glamour and abundance, Beverly Hills began as a village. With Gardenhouse, Palisades sought to revive the original spirit of the city as it was — a bastion of communal bliss in the great expanse of Los Angeles. Now, with the rise of independent eateries, retail opportunities and more, the patina of the area has taken on the tone of local renaissance.


The Jewel Box Effect

By night, the five sky villas that crown Gardenhouse emit an almost effervescent glow. The walls and roof of each home have been created with a glossy, white material designed to capture light. The final effect? A brilliant stake in the ground. The glossy peaks appear to float among the otherwise quiet skyline; a gently imposing jewel box turning heads along the way to the Golden Triangle and beyond.


The Courtyard

It’s not always what fills a space that defines it. Sometimes, it’s about leaving just the right amount of room for people to interact, connect and communicate. In the welcoming courtyard, rare moments unfold around an artfully situated oculus — a stunning focal point at the heart of the project.


The Green Wall

The iconic mansions of old are perhaps the patron saints of Beverly Hills. The design of Gardenhouse has taken much inspiration from these stately figures, peeking out from behind meticulously manicured hedges, luxurious in their hiding. The contemporary interpretation finds these villas floating three stories above street level, resting on a wall of native greenery that changes with each season.

Green Wall


Form and function must always intersect, but with a living design entity, it’s paramount that the perfect balance be struck. In devising the ideal palette, every factor was taken into consideration. Each side of the wall presents a different microclimate, so while the east wall is populated with plants that thrive on the morning sun, the north side is made up of a less demanding medley.

Green Wall


Though fastidiously planned, the overall look of the garden wall is intended to appear organic and free-flowing. Recreating a natural cliff face, the varying colors and textures of the plants lend a dramatic sense of wild purity, whether enjoyed from a resident’s window or from the distant vantage of a passerby.

A Tailor-Made Marvel

The most distinctive feature of Gardenhouse is surely the vertical garden wall, wrapping around the entirety of the facade in an exquisite riot of plants and flowers chosen particularly for the climate of Southern California. It is the largest residential living wall in the United States, at once a modern installation of organic art and a thoughtful homage to the hedged walls of mysterious mansions past.

Richly Residential

With a variety of floorplans, each residence offers three bedrooms and formal and informal living rooms for an unusual generosity of living space otherwise unseen in Los Angeles. Interiors created by the renowned Rottet Studio ensure that not only is each room optimized for beauty and comfort, but also efficiency and everyday ease. Aficionados of art and architecture will revel in the gallery-like spaces, natural light and the guiding principle of the “borrowed landscape,” where the surrounding vista is artfully framed.