Santa Monica

Designed to capture the fresh sea air and coastal energy, this boutique collection of townhomes and garden flats offers residents a uniquely fluid relationship between sunlit interiors and the surrounding community.



The Neighborhood

The elements that make Santa Monica so beloved are purposefully amplified here. To complement the city’s pedestrian-friendly culture, the front gardens of AIRE’s street-level units interact directly with walking paths, while generous split-level rooftops in the townhomes above provide a connection to spectacular views of the mountains and ocean.


Santa Monica Lifestyle

The design of AIRE seeks to not only express the Santa Monica mindset — a love for nature, a passion for wellness — but also to build seamlessly alongside it. The neighborhood, awash with fresh sea breeze, holds a special reverence for the outdoors. To capitalize on this, the architecture cultivates an ease of movement between public and private spaces.


Natural Light

The belief that great architecture is activated by great light has never found a better home than AIRE. The artful capture of every last bit of natural sunlight isn’t just a simple feature here; it’s a defining characteristic. Stacking the top two floors and introducing a rooftop garden allows residents to experience an abundance of brightness rare in other developments.

Kitchen Design


Every detail of AIRE speaks to the sensibility of Santa Monica, and the custom, German-made cabinets from Leicht LA are no different. As befits the city’s environmental friendliness, all the cabinets are made from eco-conscious materials while a sleek modular style with smooth lacquered fronts and laser-edged sides further complements the abundance of natural light.

Public Bikes


PUBLIC Bikes has been helping people connect with their communities since 2010. Whether AIRE residents are seasoned riders or new to two-wheel transport, the single-speed, Dutch-style PUBLIC C1 — provided to each occupant and easily serviced in the subterranean bike garage — will be an ideal companion with which to cruise across the level streets of Santa Monica.

Inviting the Outside In

AIRE finds its identity in the breezy place where the line between open air and private residence used to be. Large glass sliding doors, soaring ceilings and clerestory windows play with natural Santa Monica light patterns to create a fluid connection between the beachy vibe outside and the spacious interiors.

Where Faces Become Familiar

Gone are the days of never learning the names of your neighbors. In a bold bid to reflect changing trends in how residents want to live, AIRE offers vibrant outdoor spaces with endless opportunities for connection. From the private courtyard with seating areas, living green wall and water feature to street-facing front gardens, a strong sense of community is a matter of course.