Scott Hutcheon

Company Seasons Natural Engineering

Contribution Gardenhouse, The Green Wall

The Science of Natural Art

For over a decade, Scott Hutcheon’s Seasons Natural Engineering has been blending art and science to transform urban life across North America. His vertical living walls and roof gardens — made possible by a team of architects, engineers and expert installation crews — are sustainable and designed to last. Using a proprietary textile made from 100% recycled synthetic fibers called Aqua Felt, Seasons can ensure healthier roots and more even watering, making every installation as delightfully low maintenance as possible.

The spectacular green wall at Gardenhouse is now the largest living wall in the country — and it certainly took some serious planning and insight. To cover the entire façade, Hutcheon’s team let the different microclimates found along the building drive their plant palette, taking care to avoid any contrived patterns in favor of an organic feel. The plants grow freely, just as they would on any cliff face.

The greater vision of Seasons is found in the expert juxtaposition between solid urban construction and the wildly natural feel of their greenery. It brings a rare warmth to city life, transforming spaces into sanctuaries.