Alice Kimm & John Friedman

Company JFAK

Contribution AIRE, Design Architects

Catalysts for Creativity

Alice Kimm and John Friedman are the co-founders of JFAK Architects, specializing since its start in 1996 in projects that uniquely express the identity of their locations through the careful language of design. Every project begins with the same premise: that architecture has the power to dramatically affect people’s lives. As a long-celebrated team, Alice and John love a meaningful challenge, and collaborating with the right artists, builders, engineers and more to find the solutions. The JFAK philosophy is unwavering: every project should bring joy. Every project should foster new thinking and change the community for the better.

With over three decades of experience in the field, Kimm and Friedman were named Emerging Voices by The Architectural Leave of NY in 2004. Both founders have since been elevated to the Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects, he in 2007 and she in 2010.

In their crucial roles in AIRE’s development, JFAK set out to capture the holistic zeitgeist of Santa Monica. The result? A celebration of light and nature. An elegant balance of inside and outside; a residential space so finely tailored, it could exist only in Southern California.