Jamie Bush

Company Jamie Bush + Co.

Contribution The Liddel, Interior Design

Effortless Design

Few interior designers have a pedigree quite like that of Jamie Bush. An uncommon talent, his story is one of constant duality. He came from a family of artists and outdoorsmen, straddling the worlds of Manhattan society and Long Island farmland. He studied both design and architecture in New Orleans and Italy. And now, his signature approach can only be defined as an artful balance of the elegantly refined and refreshingly raw.

Such a background allows him — and his eponymous firm, founded in 2002 — to blur the line between building and interior; between structure and detailed design. The uncanny ability to layer varying colors, textures and exotic materials to transform spaces has earned Jamie Bush + Co features in over 40 publications, from Dwell and Architectural Digest to the Los Angeles Times.